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Profile 2011 Menswear Designers




Menswear Award with Debenhams


Posthuman Wardrobe



The Menswear Award with Debenhams competition launched in June 2011 on www.fashioncapital.co.uk to find new and emerging designer talent in menswear today.

Over 45 applicants applied which were then reduced to 20 menswear designers for one to one mentoring with Julian Fuller, Menswear Design Manager at Debenhams.  Julian commented:

‘Debenhams is the originator of designer collections on the high street and our support for new and emerging talent demonstrates our commitment to developing affordable, unique collections for our customers. We are proud to work with Profile. The show and work of Fashion Enter is integral to developing new talent and bringing it directly to the British high street.’

Four designers; 1 of 1 Design, Aether Vesture, PostHuman Wardrobe and TOT were shortlisted for the catwalk show at Profile.

Julian announced the two winners at the Profile fashion event last night at One Marylebone – PostHuman Wardrobe and TOT.

Nimesh Gadhia from PostHuman Wardrobe said ‘Thank you for organising such a great event – I was very impressed. The build-up and the day itself were both exhausting and exciting. And as fun as it was, I’m glad that it’s over (and I’m glad that I won!). Keep up the good work.’

TOT commented after winning – ‘I cannot express how happy I am feeling right now and am so excited to see my designs in the UK in Debenhams next year. All my hard work has finally paid off and I would like to thank FashionCapital and Debenhams for their support and help along with my family and friends.’


1 of 1 Design             


Aether Vesture

Not everyone can be a winner but as Kate Winskill from 1 of 1 Design said – ‘Just a quick note to say thanks so much for lettingme have the opportunity to participate in Profile. I hope you were delighted with the event. It was brilliantly organised, the place looked spectacular, the fashion show went like clockwork and everyone seemed to get a lot out of it.  All the hard work you guys put in certainly showed and what a delight to attend a fashion event that ran on time! Despite not winning the Debenhams’ competition, it has been a really important learning experience. Julian has been really supportive and I feel sure if we can come up with the goods, he would be happy to revisit Draughtsman.’

Director Jenny Holloway said – ‘It’s a credit to Debenhams for having the foresight and expertise to run this menswear designer competition. Debenhams have long been supporters of our fashion event Profile and last night, at the 10th anniversary, it was just outstanding to see the two winners take their awards. It’s hard for new designers today to break into new multinational accounts and the effort Julian put into this event was tremendous. To be fair to the runners up 1 of 1 Design and Aether vesture could have just as easily have won too so credit to both Paul Scadding from Aether vesture and Kate Winskill from 1 to1 Design. “.

PROFILE is owned by Fashion Enter, a not-for-profit company committed to support those entering – and enterprise within – the fashion industry.

PROFILE took place at One Marylebone on 10th November 2011. For more information please visit www.fashioncapital.co.uk

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