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N17 Creative Callings


What N17 Creative Callings Can Do For You…

Are you based in the Tottenham CEZ area? Do you have your own business or would like to start one? Then you need to know about the free business support initiative – N17 Creative Callings.

N17 Creative Callings (N17CC) was set up at the end of 2019 to ensure continual development and growth of creative businesses and start-ups in the Tottenham area of north London. Fashion-Enter Ltd and Collage Arts are working as one to deliver hand-held mentoring support and business advice that aims to enhance business growth and prosperity. 

N17 Creative Calling provides:

One-to-one business mentoring

We review your business to date and identify strengths and weaknesses. We discuss future direction, additional learning, business plans and set out achievable goals. We have experienced business mentors with knowledge in several creative sectors.

Financial advice / direction

Budgeting is a big part of running a successful business especially when it’s a small business and costs need to be kept tight. We have financial experts that can advise on all aspects of financial planning.

Additional skills development / tuition

Fashion-Enter Ltd has a fully equipped Fashion Technology Academy & Tailoring Academy that offers a wide range of industry skills. If your business is in another creative area our partner College Arts has a spectrum of skills development and enterprise programmes for artists, musicians, film makers, writers and more.

Product development

We can advise how to turn that initial sketch into a retail ready product. We can cover all the production stages, from raw material to costings, to the legal paperwork required, as well as advise on how to deal with manufacturers and ensure that they are ethical.

Networking – putting you in touch with the right people

Remember the saying – “it’s not what you know but who you know!” It’s always good to network and get your business out there. Both Fashion-Enter Ltd and Collage Arts are involved with industry events and exhibitions.

Free courses and more…

The programme can also offer free courses to upskill, support in finding the right apprentice or intern, and further professional advice on sales and marketing.  

The N17 Creative Callings initiative supports an increasing number of local creative SME / Micro-SME businesses in the Tottenham CEZ area. If you have just started, or are an established business looking to grow in the area, then please get in touch and we will advise on how we can help you and your business.


Contact Esme: esme@fashion-enter.com

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