FashionCapital provides accredited quality qualifications and apprenticeships ranging from level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Many new brands wish to learn pattern making and stitching skills plus understand the fundamentals of garment construction and production. Brands have the opportunity to learn informally with our Saturday Stitching Surgery or undertake professional qualifications from ABC Awards.

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The Factory Uncovered CPPD

… For factory tours on ethical production, open costings, cabbage, Galaxuis transparency and how to identify an unethical factory these accredited courses from ABC awards are a necessity for any size of business. Clients include George at Asda, Marks & Spencer, Silk Fred, New Look and many others.

Stitching Skills

… For everything you need to know about how to construct and stitch your own garments using the latest industrial machines. Courses are accredited at a Level I and Level 2.

Pattern Cutting

… For in-depth knowledge on how to create your own patterns “right first time” using a variety of pattern making techniques. Courses are accredited at Level I and Level 2.

Production Skills

… For on the job training in a wide variety of functions such as fabric laying, fabric cutting, fabric inspection, quality control, pressing and machine maintenance. With the on-shoring of UK production back to the UK these accredited courses are in high demand.


… For government approved apprenticeships in garment technology, pattern making, stitching skills and bespoke tailoring programmes are available from Level 1 – Level 5 with currently over 30 clients engaging with apprenticeships including Marks & Spencer, Savile Row Tailors,, Hobbs, Jigsaw and The Arcadia Group.

Taster Courses

… For when you can’t commit to a full-time accredited course. Our taster courses provide quality advice and support and our Saturday Stitching Surgery is particularly popular.


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