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 The last update was when the factory had just relocated to larger premises, since then so much has happened. We have seen continuous growth from the amount of units we produce to liaising with clients and potential clients. Communication plays a vital role in any job you do, and here at the Factory we put that first…good communication makes for smooth sailing.


Many of the machinists here have been at the Factory for a while and everyone plays their own role. Sort of like a big ol’ family. Apprentices have settled in and we all have our own responsibilities along with loads of support.

On the subject of growth…several of the ladies are expecting or have already welcomed a new addition to their families. Little fashionistas of the future. On Friday 12th we said goodbye to Dan Dan who was to become a first time mummy! There was a lot of cake and loads of smiles.



There’s never a dull day at the Factory. Bring on summer!

Check out some pics of DanDan’s fairwell at the factory.

Words and pictures by: Kristen Lucas


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