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The Young Apprentices Blog 05.02.11




Today the Young Apprentices worked on the following:

Sewing techniques using the Flat bed sewing machine

How to use body measurements to convert and customise a block.

Arranging / collating a portfolio of work for exams and potential college interviews.

The Young Apprentices  who attended the workshop today were, Shernice, Elizabeth, Natasha and Shani-que.

The students began the day practising  sewing techniques using the flat bed sewing machine. They learnt how to stitch a dart, back tack and control their work flow and speed.

The students soon overcame their nerves of sewing. They were instructed on how to control their work and the sewing machine to gain maximum results. After much practising and with boosted confidence the students went on to create very good pieces of work.





Shani-que’s stitched body shell


The students then started to work on their block patterns.


Natasha Geddes working on her block pattern



Natasha’s completed block pattern



Shani-que’s completed corset dress pattern.


The Young Apprentices have spent many long weeks undertaking thorough research for their prom dresses, looking at current fashion trends and colours predictions which will become the key focus for Summer 2011.

See below picture of Elisabeth Agemang’s mood board.


Elisabeth Agemang’s mood board


A little  preview of one of our Young Apprentices Elisabeth Agemang… She has designed a boob  dress which is a fashion fusion of African design mixed with European contemporary style influences and finished with embellishments

All the students have finalised their prom dress designs which have been illustrated using flat as well as technical drawings.

The Young Apprentice Prom designs are bold and unique in their own right creating a real fashion statement…maybe even paving the way for the fashion  future as the Young Apprentices really show off their skills and innate talent.


The Young Apprentices spent the afternoon organising and collating their portfolio of work in preparation for exams at school, college and potential employers.

The day was well spent and at 3.30pm the  Young Apprentices left the workshop to go home.


Read more to find out what the Young Apprentices are working on Next Week…….



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