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Do What You Love And Love What You Do – Kristen Blog



For me it was a bit nerve wrecking, simply because I didn’t have ANY experience in fashion….but that’s what apprenticeships are about right? You ARE working. You ARE learning. You ARE earning.

All the above are correct and 6 months down the line here I am, I could probably sit down and write up my own little business plan (THINK BIG!).

I Love fashion, not just because of pretty little items but because it’s a form of expression. Everyone is different, everyone’s fashion sense is different, the same way that everyone brings something different to the table.

My point ….if you “DO WHAT YOU AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO” it will show in your work, for me this is key and 6 months into my apprentice that quote has never felt so real than it does now.

Written By Kristen Lucas 

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