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Hello again and happy Friday to you!


In the last week I have had what feels like a giant brain wave… or epiphany? , whatever it was, it has added the much needed fume to my fire.

I’ve always wanted to design my own clothing, to own my own business, to be my own boss. I know that it’s not going to come easy but at least I have one foot in door.  I might not be the best, but I can definitely sketch out an idea, this is something I will need to work on like a lot of things in life. Practice makes perfect.

I’m not a very patient person (MY BIGGEST ISSUE WITH MYSELF)! But I know that if something is meant to be it will be if you work hard at it. Seeing and learning about the paperwork and the laws and how much fine print goes into opening or maintaining a successful business should make me run into a dark corner to hide but surprisingly it has not. It’s made me more aware, of what to expect and what to consider the day I finally start my own business. It’s going to be an exciting road but I AM READY!



Written By Kristen Lucas

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