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Decision Time – Apprenticeship Blog


I have been with Fashion Enter for seven months now and finally settled into the Factory. I’ve turned eighteen and had a lot of added responsibility. I have started unit four and feeling very committed to the course. But through it all I still have one question to ask myself. Where do I want to be in five maybe ten years time.

It is something that I have had to do some serious thinking about. I have taken a real interest in all the aspect that comes along with being an apprentice and watching how things go through the fitting process is one that I have spent most time on. I love seeing how small changes can make so much difference to the final way a garment fits. This being something I could see as a possible career in the near future.

Along with this I have started to write a few articles for the new Fashion Capital website. I have found that when writing an article it comes a lot easier if you have a strong interest in what you are writing. This is something I can’t wait to continue with, watch this space!

No matter where I choose a path for my career I am going to take everyday as it comes as I have big plans to continue with Fashion Enter.

Enjoy the sun, you never know what’s round the corner!

Written By Shannon Lloyd 

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