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River Island First Stage Interview Day


After receiving lots and lots of applications, the best were shortlisted down.
This is an amazing opportunity for the role of a Fashion Production Assistant with River Island, and selected candidates had to come to The Fashion Studio for an informal interview and a group pattern cutting activity.

The first group of potential apprentices arrived at 9am for a group interview and speak on what the apprenticeship scheme is, how long it lasts, what they will gain from it and the role available.

The whole aim of the day was to really give an insight on what the apprenticeship programme is like, learning skills required in the job role avaliable and to provide insight into the training. 

The interviews ran all day, with candidates arriving every 2 hours until 4pm.

Sarah Williamson, an experienced pattern cutter then took everyone in groups of 4 to do some basic block pattern-cutting, to really test their skills and knowledge. This task included making a basic pattern of a bodice.

Meanwhile Jenni then took each candidate out one by one to interview them, asking which field of fashion the candidates are most interested in and seeing if this particular role would be beneficial to them and really help in kicking off their fashion career. 


From today a further 15 will then be shortlisted based on their ability in the task and whether the role is right for them to attend one to one interviews with the River Island employers, who may potentially be their future employers!

Best of luck to all candidates!

“It was different to other interviews I have been to, it allowed me to show off my skills and staff made a feel very at ease. Fingers crossed its good news!”


“I absolutely loved it, from the moment I walked into the building I was blown away! Everyone was so lovely and welcoming which made me feel comfortable.'”

“I found it extremely interesting and with training and understanding I’m sure I could definitely be capable of tasks like this on the job. All in all it was a great day and an amazing experience so I hope it works out in my favour.”

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