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Fashion at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication




Nurturing students who successfully fuse a distinctive originality with and a savvy awareness of the industry, Ravensbourne continues to prove itself in an ever-competitive business. Based only twenty minutes form central London, Ravensbourne is closer enough to the hub of urban activity but also removed enough to allow students the luxury of designated workspaces to focus on their studies.




The first level is diagnostic with each student experiencing the different options, womenswear, menswear, textiles and promotion. Students also learn all key skills including computer technologies, garment construction and pattern cutting.


By level two students have selected their preferred pathway and undertake a three month work placement in industry. Students have recently worked for notable designers such as Alexander McQueen, Giles Deacon, Matthew Williamson, Marc Jacobs, Tristan Webber and 6876. Promotion students also enter the industry working for companies such as Arena Magazine, Black Book, Future Lab and Mandi Lennard Publicity. The rest of level two continues with an industry focus with live projects run to integrate an awareness of the working world.




In level three students undertake a self-initiated final major project. Design students produce a collection and promotion students create a promotional package that is fashion product related. Students are allowed to collaborate with other pathways to enhance their focus. For example, a textiles student may design prints for a womenswear designer or a promotion student may create an advertising package for a menswear designer. Students are also actively encouraged to utilise Ravensbournes substantial resources in other courses such as product, interior design, graphic and broadcasting.




The culmination of the course is Graduate Fashion Week, which is held in Battersea every year. Forty national colleges showcase graduates work and Ravensbourne has always been one of the hottest tickets. Last years Ravensbourne graduates reaped many awards and proved the course produces the most innovative and creative students. This year already students are set to reaffirm the success. Menswear designer Alex Field was a finalist in the Reiss British Fashion Council 05 competition.



He was also a winner in the Royal Society Arts 04 Fashion Awards. Womenwear designer Robert Hall won the British Fur Trade Association Fur Design Competition 05. Tanya Katinova from the womenswear pathway won the RSA 05 Fashion competition. Womenswear designer Catherine Teatum was a finalist in both the Reiss/BFC 05 and also the Butlins/BFC 04 competition. Kim Vong was also a finalist in the RSA 04 Fashion Fabrics competition. With more awards still up for grabs Ravensbourne students certainly have their sites on a few more.



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