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The Knit Parade


Containing 12 original knitting patterns from the creative force behind fashion brand Where’s Me Jumper (WMJ), there is a different look to suit everyone whatever your taste, shape or size.

The Knit Parade is no ordinary knitting book. All of the information and instructions you need are in there but with an emphasis on creativity and breaking the rules. Author Beki Rymzsa encourages you to choose your own colour combinations and even your own yarn, to make a sweater that’s unique to you. There is even a section on going ‘renegade’ with 6 graphic swatches you can adapt to your own design, alongside the 12 cool motifs.


Suitable for guys and gals, each jumper takes its inspiration from one of Beki’s favourite songs, be it Me Jane by PJ Harvey (a leopard print oval) or Weather Experience by The Prodigy (a thunder cloud).

WMJ is a bespoke knitwear brand and online magazine dedicated to knitting and knitwear in fashion. The company was set up by owner Beki Rymsza and works with customers to apply their designs, images or simply their ideas to create a one-off custom piece of knitwear.

Since launching WMJ at the end of 2010, Beki has knitted jumpers with elephants, cats, band logos, slogans, Bill Murray, home made dinners and everything in between – most recently a hand-knitted Heisenberg, one customer’s homage to Breaking Bad.

A big believer that jumpers are for life, not just for Christmas, Beki knits with pure wool, mixed fibres, acrylic, nylon, cotton or silk. Knitwear is IT-wear, whatever the weather.

Starting with one basic pattern, each WMJ sweater produced is made to measure and is the only one in the world!

The Knit Parade

By Rebecca Rymzsa


Published by Collins & Brown

Hardback RRP: £12.99

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