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Michelle Antoinette


Michelle Antoinette

Michelle Antoinette is a practical design and merchandising tool. Unlike many other fashion trend service, which report on industry buzz, Michelle Antoinette brings to the table practical information you can actually use in your fashion lines, straight from the retail selling floor and streets of London.

 Fashion Trend Services
Michelle Antoinette provides fashion trend reports enriched with tools and practical information for the day-to-day needs of fashion professionals. Market research is done on a daily basis. We provide Coverage from key stores in London. Directly from the retail floor to your desktop. Michelle Antoinette currently offers 9 separate and distinct fashion trend reporting services for the following markets:

§         Boys (Ages 4-18)

§         Girls (Ages 4-16)

§         Junior Ladies

§         Young Men

§         Denim (one service for both genders)

§          Infant Boys (Babies and Toddlers, ages 0-6)

§          Infant Girls (Babies and Toddlers, ages 0-6)

§         Lingerie

§         Accessories

Boys / Girls /Junior Ladies / Young Men/Infant/Lingerie/Accessories
The service provides fresh information from the retail floor coverage and analysis that address day-to-day needs of fashion professionals.

Here’s what you can expect:

Retail shots Stores like: Top Shop, Morgan, Selfridges, H&M, Zara, Mothercare and many more. Stores are updated weekly.

Fully merchandised collections: our professional interpretation of key fashion themes in the market, including:

§         Few select photos that bring together the look and the design details

§         Selection of close-up shots

§         Selection of related prints and screens

§         Suggested colour trends

§         Honest feedback from our customer panel on the featured photos

Trends: fresh fashion themes analysed and reported in collections that reflect key looks In    short, we report on the look as it happens at retail, we focus on the details that define the look.

Special features: focusing on hot topics – such as screens, denims, fabrics, first delivery reports of seasonal merchandise, seasonal preview of colours and themes, and more.

Design inspiration: Vintage visuals, toys, TV characters, music trends, new toys that help you get into your customers’ head.

“Tool Box”: a set of tools that make your job easier. Tools include key items specifications, “What’s selling” reports.

Ask the consumer: a direct link to the mind of your ‘ target market. Services include:

§         A series of questions and answers from consumers throughout London- you get to ask the questions.

‘Fashionista Report’: an in-depth look into factors and trends that influence the mainstream fashions of today.

Denim Trends
 Denim is a comprehensive overview of fashion from the denim perspective.
The service tracks the trends of the denim lifestyle in the global community and provides accessibility to the denim.

The service includes reports on general trends as well as washes, and graphic direction, inspired by, stores and street, vintage trends, style-leaders and up and coming brands.

Infant Boys / Girls
This service includes store coverage (infant and toddler departments of relevant retailers), merchandised collections around key themes for this market (with retail shots, design details, colors), and special features focusing on allover prints, screens and embroideries as well as overviews of categories like sets and One-sies.

Design and Consulting Services

Michelle Antoinette offers its expertise on fashion trend to provide you with additional design and consulting services, including:

§         Specialized design services seasonal and special projects from field research and concept creation to presentation.

§         Customized trend researchaccording to specific requests for items / stores / look.

§         Sample Purchase
Seen an item that you wish to buy?, just contact us and we’ll do the leg work for you. This service is offered for an additional fee which covers our expenses.

Customized Photo Shoots
Wish to have our researchers focus on a specific category just for you ? Just contact us and we’ll be glad to do it for you. This service is offered for an additional fee which covers our expenses.

Michelle Antoinette is all about answering the needs of product development professionals.

§         Understanding the time constraints under which creative teams work we bring the information in a digestible form, while offering an option to view more photos and get deeper into the conversation at hand.

§         We follow the design seasonal timeline: accordingly we start the season with weekly reports from the retail floor (by store and by fashion themes). In the midst of the season we focus on hot issues like screens, fabrics and continuous reports about “what sells well” in key indicative stores. At the end of the season, we feature street looks and highlight the successful items of the season.

Michelle Antoinette is a one-stop-shop for guidance in all facets of fashion design and marketing.


Infant Boys (0-6)

There are a large assortments of  polar ,corduroy jackets and cable knit sweaters to sweatshirts with crests and mountain logos on the retail selling floor in the stores of London. The newest twill, corduroy, and denim bottoms feature patches, patch pockets and racy trims




Infant Girls (0-6) 


Preppy, collegiate silhouettes are a focus with stylish jumpers in plaid. Updated Chanel looks create dressier ensembles in wool blends. Red is a great colour to start off the season.


Junior Ladies

Fancy yet girly fashion is trend for fall. Pink and green are the favored colors for preppy, feminine and fun looks. The cotton tailored jacket is the preferred piece to top feminine looks

Cotton tailored jacket over cotton ruffled skirt


Wool sweater with argyle pattern


Boys (4-18)

Color blocked interlock top with sleeve and shoulder editorial screens


Screened tee layered over mini striped shirt and cropped twill cargo pant


Girls (4-16)

An indication of fall’s romantic trends is taken on another level with cuffed jean and transitional sheer paisley printed dresses, tops satin camisoles with lace detail and 1920’s inspired dresses.

Young Men’s

Laid back fashion with attitude for the new season. Tees and shirts show bold creative art on fronts and backs while the screened jacquard muscle becomes a layering piece and a light weight alternative to the upcoming sweater vest.  Wool sweaters have pizzazz with ultra-wide stripes and intricate argyle designs are featured.

Jersey long sleve top with screen printed appliqué over cotton active pants.



The denim revolution continues as we head into fall with denim trends ranging from dark denim ,rinse to dark base with hand sanding details. Light bleached washes are shown with stains as reminders of the mechanic look. Whiskers are still showing but we are leaning to a simple hand sanding and abrasion look on pockets as a new detail.


Modern cargo skirt with pointy frills



Logan light wash jeans with stains





Western pocket inspired dark denim bag with studded detail.



Contact Michelle Antoinette on: 079 6983 8654 / mantoinette@btinternet.com

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