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Kiki’s diary



Hi Everyone,


Once again Michelle from ‘Mertle and George’ has been the bestseller of the week! Well Done! Teresa Seow’s beautiful collection has also been selling like hot cakes!



Dan Mee is one half of ‘Adam and Mee’ whose bags are hugely popular in the Boutique. Massive congratulations are awarded to him, for winning the concession at Debenhams at the PROFILE 4 event for his impressive menswear collection. Dan is currently on cloud nine as you can imagine! 



Considering it’s August and there is a general lul in retail, and also sales going on, on the high street, the boutique continues to attract a consistent influx of customers regardless of there being no sales promotion.


Lets hope the weekend customers have drawn out enough money, as we all know they won’t be able to resist buying a special something of unique quality!


Until next week


Yours truly



kiki x

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