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Introducing Designer Ines Garcia



Pushed by creative drive alone Ines Garcia has been nothing short of determined to follow her dream of becoming a fashion designer. From a young age, while other girls played make-believe with their dolls Ines was attracted to fashion shows; the clothes, the models, the atmosphere.


Fascinated by colour, shape and form the world of design and high fashion seemed a million miles away from her modest family life in Portugal. However, her persistence and desire saw her re-locate to Paris in 2010 and after a period of working and saving her funds combined with studying at night school Ines was finally ready to create her debut collection.

‘Vertigo’ an enveloping collection that swirls and folds around the body like delicate, pure white flower. Silhouettes are high-waisted to elongate the female form while maintaining a dynamic and structural aesthetic.

ines_garcia_2  ines_garcia_4

Ines says; “Despite the economic crisis I hope in the foreseeable future to have the opportunity to develop my brand. It has taken me a decade to get to this position and to create and design is so vital to me; it’s as though my life and breath depended on it. Dreams make the world go round. Don’t be scared to follow your dreams.”


Designs: Ines Garcia ines_garcia_3

Photos: Jana Hernette www.janahernette.com

Model: Alina@DMA models

Makeup/Hair: Omar Bouker


Vertigo by Ines Garcia features on the FashionCapital newsletter this week (17/7/2013).

















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