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^The Fashion Fix^ – 19th November 2019


This week inside ^The Fashion Fix^, it has been revealed that luxury British department store Harvey Nichols has made the controversial decision to stock real animal fur despite many conflicts and we also look at the exciting new campaign for Puma X Balmain with supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Harvey Nichols’ Controversial Fur Decision

Luxury British department store Harvey Nichols has made the news this week as fashion experts reveal that the store has made the provocative verdict to stock real animal fur, despite the chain being the subject of a large national anti-fur campaign for several years.

Premiering on Channel 5’s ‘Inside Harvey Nichols’, the owner contended that after the difference of the consumer scene, Harvey Nichols’ was compelled to appeal to overseas buyers, who ‘don’t care as much’ as ‘animal-loving England’. Although upsetting local customers, the store caters to many wealthy Russians, Asian’s and those from the Middle East, who hugely contribute to the stores’ profits.

New Puma X Balmain Campaign

Starring everyone’s favourite supermodel Cara Delevingne, the new Puma X Balmain campaign has been revealed this week, encompassing a boxing-inspired theme throughout.

This concept for the Puma X Balmain campaign focuses on real-life narratives of people who are fighting the good fight, even if it’s championing what they are passionate about or pioneering those who simply want to embrace the person they are.

Cara Delevingne was accompanied on the shoot with a fantastically diverse amalgamation of individuals residing from all over the globe, who all are clothed in the fashionably athletic collection.

The Puma X Balmain collection will be available worldwide on November 21st.

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