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Lean Thinking at Sister Company Fashion Enter


This week (28th February) ‘Lean’ specialist Michelle Dove started to work with FashionCapital’s sister company Fashion Enter and its production team to look at ways of improving their processes and productivity. The pilot project will last a few weeks and is aimed at helping the team to learn and implement the power of ‘lean’ in their work.

Lean is a tried and tested methodology & philosophy for organising, managing, and improving all stages of the business process; product development, operations, suppliers, customer relations, and administration systems. It focusses on improved customer value by eliminating waste.

Michelle says: “It was an absolute pleasure to help Fashion Enter kick start their Lean Journey this week. 

“The Lean Journey can often be difficult. It requires buy-in from leadership, and the desire to accept fundamental changes to the way you think about the work process. Fashion Enter is fortunate to have very strong buy-in from the leadership plus a team of people who are engaged, open minded and striving to be the best at what they do. This has put them on the right path to taking full advantage of the benefits of being ‘Lean’. Fashion Enter is striving to become an industry leader in continuous improvement and being a Lean Enterprise.”

Michelle Dove is a business improvement specialist working in the fashion and creative sectors. Michelle focusses on helping businesses to apply ‘Lean thinking’ to improve customer value, productivity, efficiency, adaptability and profitability. Michelle is a highly experienced Lean Expert with experience in a diverse number of sectors as well as being trained in fashion production techniques. Michelle was trained and started her career at the originator and world leader of Lean, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, and is now applying her knowledge and experience to fashion and other creative sector businesses.

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