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Every Stitch Tells A Story: SEP Jordan


SEP hand-embroidered accessories blend hallmarks of premium Middle-Eastern craftsmanship with Italian style.  SEP Founder and CEO Roberta Ventura and her team work with talented embroiderers; female refugees, who treasure the cross-stitch technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. The founder and most of the management team and consultants are Italian; the producers are refugees in the Middle East.  “We all love elegant design: No matter our location or circumstance we all love beauty.”

The inspiration behind SEP Jordan was to introduce a brand that sells unique, highly crafted stories. The stories of refugees, who are the artists creating beautiful accessories with meaning.

Although Jerash Camp is one of the worst-off refugee camps in Jordan, the positive outlook and spirit is incredible.  The camp residents refuse to be victims, they want to feel alive and be productive. SEP was the first private company set up within the camp; working with the refugees as peers, as opposed to as recipients of aid.

Traditional Palestinian patterns are the inspiration behind the embroidered kuffyiehs, while Islamic geometry inspires most of the home and fashion accessories.

SEP producers earn above-market rates and the best producers earn performance-related bonuses at the end of the year. The team take pride in ensuring that they benefit from the work both emotionally and financially. To ensure the bonuses are funded, they must make a profit.  The team aim for a superior level of quality and efficiency at all times, deadlines are respected and waste avoided.

“It was a proud moment when Academy Award-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran chose SEP to embroider the costumes for the Hollywood film ‘Mary Magdalene’ and said that she could not have achieved the same result without SEP’s input.

“A purchase with a direct impact gives shopping a whole new meaning and this is exactly what SEP Jordan was created for.” – Roberta Ventura

To find out more about SEP Jordon visit: www.sepjordan.com

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