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Sister’s Are Doing It For Themselves…


The #metoo campaign has taken the press and social media by storm, highlighting how negative attitudes, particularly in terms of sexual harassment or assault, towards women in the workplace have been overlooked and somewhat ‘normalised’ over the years. Women are now using their very public social media voice to say ‘enough is enough’.

Coincidentally we are also celebrating the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote, thanks to the Suffragette movement and while much has happened over the course of a century, two female Prime Ministers, a long reigning female monarch, women heading up successful businesses up and down the country, there is still more to be done.

As a female owned business (FashionCapital & Fashion Enter Ltd) we are keen to encourage ethical working practices and opportunities where gender is irrelevant and skills are rewarded. At our North London garment manufacturing unit, a good 85% of the workforce is female and this figure is reflects many factories around the globe. Unfortunately far too many are still working in poor conditions for minimal pay with men often at the top of the hierarchy but this is changing.

The current mood to embrace and celebrate the strength of women can be clearly seen in recent designer collections, from the “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt (pictured above right at the Fashion Museum) marking Maria Grazia Chiuri’s debut collection and statement for the house of Dior last SS17. To the current New York presentations, where the likes of Prabal Gurung celebrated the ‘strength and resilience’ of women, inspired by his own family, through his design choices, to Diane Von Furstenberg’s comment to press post-show that “empowerment of women” is and always has been of utmost importance to the DVF woman.

Through open debate will come change and that includes supporting each other. From one inspirational female to another, it was fantastic to read this comment from Carolyn Springett, CEO of heritage men’s tailoring business, ‘New & Lingwood’ (pictured left as seen in Drapers), in her recent interview with Drapers Record on her fashion career…

Drapers: ‘Is there anyone in the industry you particularly admire?’

Carolyn: ‘Company founders who have the creativity, vision, tenacity and resilience to set up and run their own businesses. A great example is a great friend of mine, Jenny Holloway, [founder and director] of north London-based company, Fashion Enter. She has stood by her guns, advocating the need for skills training and the development of moral and ethical standards within the UK fashion and manufacturing industries for the last 15 years.’

Get involved this March, Seven Dials in central London, will celebrate International Women’s Day, with a week-long celebration throughout the area. With an abundance of award-winning and independent brands, Seven Dials houses a vast and varied selection of exceptional businesses, many of which are founded and run by women. The week will celebrate the brilliant women behind the businesses of Seven Dials, as well as a host of exclusive activities and special events including a free, in conversation live panel discussion on 8 March.

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