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Designer Brand Watch: Christopher Esber


Originally establishing his eponymous brand in 2010, Christopher Esber is an Australian fashion designer, who since launching his womenswear label in Sydney, has conducted a worldwide appeal for elegant tailoring. A structured fluidity reflects the designer’s signature aesthetic, further concentrating on a precision for strong, bespoke silhouettes that gently whisper elements of empowerment.

Christopher’s application of structural techniques in menswear dressing is a reflection of the handicrafts he adopted throughout his design background. Since this time, Esber has been able to successfully translate his dexterities into all the garments amid his collections. An alluring fusion of masculine and feminine rudiments have been revolutionized with a sophisticated methodology that further evoke expressions of modern day tailoring.

As stated on his website, the designer reflects on his fashion vision and how the same message has remained throughout the brand’s seven years and on-going journey, “Looking back at our first collection it still feels relevant and we continue to work with the fundamental elements from that very first collection; tailoring, shirting, embellishment and leather.” said Esber.

Amid the relaxed cuts and raw edges, Christopher employs a subtle street-infused quality to each garment, which reflects his sports-inspired finishes, inevitably making for an ‘undone’ look. Each collection illustrates the tale of a quiet confidence and strength, which is exposed through revolutionary developments in pattern cutting, along with woven and embellished textiles. The result transpires as a luxurious, albeit laid-back approach to dressing.

Graceful minimalism and a relaxed sensuality that frequently blends with paradox and duality transpire as Christopher’s concept of an unorthodox view on women. With this said, each collection additionally enhances his need of stripping back the idea to the clearest principal.

For Christopher Esber’s Fall 2017 presentation the designer made the transition to New York Fashion Week, where he showcased his latest collection of pieces that decoded as utterly desirable. A palette of neutrals with bold accents of maroon, black, white, navy and khaki adorned an assortment of lust-worthy outerwear’s, striking dresses and must-have separates, ultimately elevating simple daywear looks into special pieces. A feminine white, tie blouse styled with a relaxed, black, ankle skimming skirt and a ridiculously trendy yet timeless parchment tailored coat emerged as standout pieces. These garments in question would make effortless staple additions to any woman’s wardrobe.

Drawing inspiration from classic Jaguar automobiles along with their curved bodies and pristine interiors, skirt hems were piped in leather trims that gave a nod to car seats. Elsewhere, suedes were seen to be treated in PVC to resemble leather and a slinky, space age vibe was captured via velvets bonded to aluminum. Bonded dresses and a season of party numbers collectively contributed to a collection from an upcoming designer, who knows how to fashionably execute chic tailoring when you see it.

Images courtesy of Christopher Esber from the Spring 2018 collection

Words by Katie Farley

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