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Community Award Winner! – FC Newsletter 29th April 2015


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Newsletter 29th April 2015

Dear All,

The week commenced with a very exciting event. Our very own CEO Jenny Holloway rubbed shoulders with some of the nation’s most influential female figures on Monday at the Women: Inspiration and Enterprise (WIE) Awards. And credit where it’s due; Jenny picked up the ‘Community Award’ for her initiatives with Haringey Council, ASOS.com and the DWP, on training, apprenticeships and employment in fashion that provide much needed opportunities for young adults today.

The award was presented by MP David Lammy, he added, “I will not stop until this woman has a place in the House of Lords!”

29 april jenny picking up her award 

Jenny Holloway commented: “We are going to help 3’000 people over the next four-years and it’s an absolute delight to see that flourish and grow. The same way as the amazing students that come into the studio with a sketch, which we transform into a 3D garment. I would like to invite you all to Haringey because we can do this together, we can all work together and see a new generation of people come through. Thank-you very much.”


Fashion Revolution Day – Photoshoot

Michaela Jedinak was one of the designers, along with Tanya Elizabeth and Karen Gold, to acknowledge Fashion Revolution Day on the 24th of April at the Fashion Technology Academy with a great photoshoot. The day was all about raising awareness of “Who Made My Clothes” and to celebrate best practice. Here is a little taster of the fashion shoot with some behind the scenes pictures at the Fashion Studio that shows the ‘British Craftsmanship’ that goes into each design. All of Michaela’s dresses are MADE IN THE UK. Michaela’s model on that day was the lovely Millie Snook from the London Model Academy, who absolutely nailed the spirit of Michaela Jedinak’s designs. Confident- Strong- Comfortable in her skin and adding her own signature look.

29 april fash rev shoot

Michaela Harewood, Director of the London Model Agency commented:

“It was great working with the team at FashionCapital again, it was amazing to see our new aspiring models get the opportunity to model for up and coming designers in such a unique space. LMA looks forward to future networking events to ensure the next generation of fashion creatives reach their potential!”



Meet the Intern…

29 april katie internMeet FashionCapital’s latest intern, Katie Knighton, joining the FashionCapital team for an insight to the behind the scenes of a website: 

“My name is Katie Knighton, I am 15-years old and am doing work experience at FashionCapital. I am currently in year 10 and studying for my GCSEs; Textiles, History, Geography and German. I find that fashion is a way to express yourself through the way you dress, as well as your mood. It’s fascinating to me that by changing one small detail, you can transform a whole outfit. You can choose how you look, which provides the best platform for people to see you. My favourite part of fashion is styling. I love creating outfits and deciding on what items suit and don’t.

“My inspiration for fashion heavily comes from media and celebrities. I especially love Alexander McQueen and Manolo Blahnik’s work, they provide very different styles from each other, but equally they show amazing designs. In the future I hope to go into styling and designing, whether it be for a magazine or events. I hope this experience will bring me further understanding of the fashion industry and allow me to gain experience in the fashion world.”

You can check out Katie’s articles here: https://www.fashioncapital.co.uk/industry/news


Bryt Clothing launches Kickstarter Campaign

29 april byrt

Introducing Bryt Clothing, the new, upcoming and bold brand set to launch with your help via Kickstarter.  

Hoping to gain a pop of exposure and create a few thousand smiles while at it, the brands goals are simple:

        To produce bright clothing only – completely crafted and packaged within the UK.

        To improve wearer’s confidence and happiness.

Bryt’s colourful designs are the catalyst for change, new confidence, big action and change.

“We are super excited about the launch. We have spent along time making sure that our clothing garments are the brightest and the best quality that we just cannot wait to show them off to the world now and let people share in our excitement. We have a whole collection of garments ready to go into production once the Kickstarter campaign is finished from underwear and swimwear, to everyday pieces. But we want to spend this next month focusing on the first piece in our collection – our socks. We cannot wait to add some colour to the fashion world.”  Natalie Cope – Bryt Clothing 

Bryt Clothing has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign; you can pledge your support here: 



Perfect Pattern Cutting Update 29 april pattern cutting student

The second cohort of the Perfect Pattern Cutting course is now well underway, drawing in full capacity of learners, the class is now into their second week of the six-week intense pattern-cutting course. 

So far the learners have gained experience in the components of an industrial sewing machine – how to sew and thread the machine and have the basics of creating toiles. 

Here is learner Timi creating her own, made-to-measure skirt: 

“I am really enjoying the Perfect Patterns Course…Alice makes pattern cutting so easy to follow! I can’t believe that after just three days I was toiling my own skirt.”

For more information on our courses please go to education@fashioncapital.co.uk


DISC Manufacturer’s Trade Show

29 april disc

Last week Fashion Enter took part in the second edition of DISC Manufacturers’ Trade Show, here is what team member Paul Markevicius had to say:

“DISC was ‘better’ than last year as the organisers had made a concerted effort to make it far more trade focused, with (amongst established designers) graduate designers allowed in, not undergrads. This meant the conversations were far more business-focused and ideally, directed towards higher potential of sales conversions as a result. This is much better quality of event from both sides of the exhibitor stand.

“While it may not have seemed as busy as previously, there was a pretty constant, uninterrupted flow of visitors throughout the day to Fashion Enter stand as well as the event. Some interesting industry professionals turned up also to discuss the broader scope of Fashion Enter, including the Fashion Technology Academy, so that more visitors from the likes of DISC, Bill Bohm, UKTI, organisers of PV can be invited to Fashion Technology Academy and spread the word among the industry. Fashion Enter and the Fashion Studio had a long list of email contacts from interested parties.”

Thanks to Catherine Teatum and the DISC team for another great trade event.


Legal Eagle Surgery with Nick Gould

29 april nick gould mentorAs a new business start-up the legalities of setting up and running your own business can be a daunting prospect. From the initial business plan through to employment law and commercial contracts Fashion Enter will host a three-hour seminar with leading Solicitor Nick Gould – Partner at the law firm of Gunnercooke at The Factory on 27th May from 09.30am – 12.30pm. 

“I advise companies from local start-ups to multinational trading groups on a wide range of business law issues. For many years I have specialised in advising family or privately owned and managed businesses, from the small to the very large. Business sectors include fashion and media.”

Spaces are extremely limited due to the nature of the seminar. The first stage will be a generic overview of the below points then each attendee will have the opportunity to gain one to one professional advice and guidance from Nick discussing their own personal issues. 

1   Issues with IP

2   Finding the right advisors;

3   Funding options—cash is king;

4   Employment basics; 

5   Commercial contracts and paper trails.

To book your place please email: jenni@fashioncapital.co.uk for availability and costs now – members will receive preferential rates.


Don’t Miss Our Next Fabric Sale

Last Saturday we held our monthly fabric sale and we certainly didn’t disappoint…

“I am so glad I came all the way from Bristol for the FashionCapital fabric sale. You can’t find these type of fabrics anywhere!”

29 april fabric sale customers

Our next sale will be announced in due course.


Introducing Red Apple

29 april Red apple logo

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? You! In your exclusive retro-dress from new designer label Red Apple.

Red Apple’s signature style is lovely, fun and feminine. Vintage inspired dresses reflecting the new found luxuries and elegant hourglass shapes of the fabulous fifties. Fitted bodices combined with twirling full skirts. The lovely details and complex cuts are a reminder of the craftsmanship of the grand couturiers of post-war Paris. The Red Apple collection is one-of-a-kind featuring each design in 4 colours, one for each style, making every woman shine.

29 april red apple dress

A little word about the designer Elisabeth ‘Lily’ Menten: Living in Antwerp she describes her young life as growing up in an incredibly privileged cocoon; Her world consisted of school and her small family. Her parents had her destined to become an architect or a lawyer. But Lily found books to be for fun, not study. And… she was a tinker. She spent most of her free time taking things apart and putting them together again. Including her doll’s dresses. At six-years old, she got her first toy sewing machine. Finding it too slow, she soon moved on to her mum’s old Bernina.

After graduating secondary school she studied Stylisme – Modèlisme at HEFF in Brussels. While it was very focused on the retail-design aspect of fashion, Lily took this opportunity to learn about the technical construction of dresses throughout history. It was here that she developed her love for corsets, vintage cuts, crinolines and petticoats.

After having worked as a designer and decorator for over a decade, Lily found it was time for a new chapter and Red Apple was launched early 2015. Red Apple was born out of the idea that a dress should last longer than a season. The impact of fast fashion socially and environmentally is enormous. Red Apple works at making its collection as sustainable as possible: producing close to home in London to minimalise the impact of transport. As well as being on the constant lookout for sustainably produced fabrics.

Red Apple dresses aren’t born on paper – they are molded on a mannequin. Lily starts from a basic cut and then works on it with scissors, pins and extra fabric. Inspiration comes from all around: nature, exhibitions, a story, a graffiti tag on the station wall…

As she is frequently contacted by brides looking for a fifties style wedding dress, Lily hopes to meet their needs with the future bridal line. She hopes to launch White Apple by 2016.

Red Apple will be launching online www.redapple.ooo soon.


This Week on FashionCapital.co.ukSpring Summer 2015 Shoe Trends collage small

The FashionCapital team was surprised to hear that the next edition of London Fashion Week will be moving from the grand surroundings of Somerset House to Brewer Street Car Park in Soho. To read the full story and the team’s comments click here. Katie Farley turns her attention to footwear, from the new chunky heel to the unusually unorthodox what will hit the fashion radar this summer? And Paul Markevicius talks to the husband and wife team behind Just Consultancies and gains a real insight into their long established sales success.


Boutique Pick of the Week29 april boutique pick

We are always keen to know about the latest fabric technology here at FashionCapital.co.uk, particularly fabrics that take all the pain out of garment care! Hence our choice today comes from Reality Dreams and their new range of Hydrophobic Tee Shirts. Hydro-what? Apparently thanks to the use of the latest fabric technology these tees may look like regular tee’s but in fact will look clean and fresh day and night. Dirt, food, drinks, even oils simply run off the fabric so say goodbye to those embarrassing stains after you’ve gorged on Spaghetti Bolognese!




Until next time, have a great week!

From the Team at FashionCapital.co.uk 



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