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Male Androgonists



The fashion industry has grown, over the past few years into something more than just being about clothes. There’s a whole wave of new talent and emerging designers attacking the norm of menswear. One of the biggest trends of the moment? Gender ambiguity, androgyny… fashions girls who are boys.


                                                                                                                                           Photograph By ©Dragarazzi

The London scene has its fair share of model worthy people who love to go even further with their style but the two most predominant are club promoters Daniel Lismore and Mika Doll. Both with their own unique style, Daniel takes on the more Avant Garde style of the New York club kids from the 80’s, almost a living work of art.

“After 5 years of modelling I got myself a little job at Russian Vogue. I had to leave because it was an office job. I had enough of conforming and being told what to wear. I could not deal with having to look a certain way at a certain time of the year. I packed my bags and went to live with the Maasai in Kenya, there I realised that the western world was so closed minded when it comes to dressing. I came back with the idea of being a western warrior. Club land was a great platform. I never really think of gender too much when it comes to my art. I am male but I look like a girl naturally so I work it to my advantage. I see past that and wish others would too. I can’t help my genetics” – Daniel Lismore


Mika pushes his make-up artistry skills to the limits, teamed with an almost all black wardrobe creating a somewhat high fashion gothic feel. Both of their styles entrance guys and girls alike, resulting in some of the most well known and popular club nights among the London fashion scene.


The world of High Fashion is taking notice of this ever rising trend. Of course masculine looks for women have been on the runway for years, and in more recent years designers had turned to models like Agyness Deyn to add that androgynous touch to their shows and campaigns, but Menswear had remained almost untouched by the gender ambiguous ways… until now.



Designers have caught on to the fact that men are becoming more adventurous with their looks, adding softer fabrics and ‘his and hers’ looks. There’s even a new face for the androgynous male, Andrej Pejic.

Originally from Serbia, Andrej’s feminine features and long platinum hair has caught the eye of some of the biggest designers, he even walked for both menswear and Womenswear shows for Paris Fashion week in January. Needless to say Menswear is heading in a new and exciting direction, and I for one think all men should add a little feminine touch to his wardrobe.

By Korey Kirby – Guest writer

Contact – menswear@fashioncapital.co.uk