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Royal Styling




Most of us properly dress up a few times a year, but if you, like me, a mere commoner, were not invited to Will & Kates Bash at the end of the month, why not mark the day anyway, dress up, throw your own wedding party……..sure you’ve got the day off, use it wisely!!!

The regular, black tie for him, and fancy smancy dress for the lady and your done, right?? Wrong!!! Why not try and mix it up a bit, and stand out from the crowd, and let’s face it while us girls wear a different outfit for each one and then some, the guys usually turn up in the same old tux and black tie.


“Have you seen the price of a tux?” I hear you cry. “But you told us to throw our paisley ties away”.
Relax! I’m not saying you need as many tuxes and men’s ties as we girls need dresses. And for the stylish guy, they’d all look very similar anyway.

No, I can now reveal how to create a stunning new look each time, remain an icon of men’s fashion and save money at the same time.  Go shopping for some amazing silk waistcoats.  The underrated waistcoat, is popping up all over the place and not just evening wear. Why not rock a slice of JLS style, and I don’t mean man cleavage, I mean the humble waistcoat!!


Over your designer shirt and under your tux, a waistcoat can be as visible or as discreet as the statement you want to make. Waistcoats are the very latest in men’s fashion accessories and as well as being keenly priced are available in a range of patterns, styles and colours from the discreet and sophisticated to those that I’d happily take my scissors to if I caught you wearing them :).

With the same high fashion tux or dinner jacket, and the same designer silk black bow tie, a collection of waistcoats for under £100 each can have you looking a new man on each outing.
But do take care and don’t let your own fashion eye run away with you. Discreet and tasteful is the word, or you may find me there with my scissors LOL.

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By Niamh Hogan

Contact – menswear@fashioncapital.co.uk

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