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Designer Waykoman launched his own collection of ready to wear menswear label TOT in the spring of 2007 and subsequently his first store.


He graduated at the DMU, United Kingdom with a honours degree followed by his masters in fashion and management. Later became a freelance designer for various labels, in addition gained a prestigious placement in the globally renowned fashion house Vivienne Westwood. On his return to his homeland Hong Kong, over a ten year period he has achieved great insight and awareness into the operation of the fashion industry.

On realization his passion lays in design he made a conscious choice. “The decision to launch my own label enables me to have full control over my collection from the initial concept through to the production. He explains, “With the assistance and support of close vendors I was able to develop and effectively deliver my first ready to wear as well as a conceptual collection.”

Following the success of his first store and a loyal global customer base, a supplementary range of sweaters, knits, woven and an underwear collection was incorporated after the first season. On the fall of 2009, TOT opened its doors in a prime location amongst Hong Kong’s fashion retailers as well as landing in San Francisco. Wayko’s vision on his target market is clear and knows whom he desires to work with “people like us, my designs are not based on location but on personalities that surround us to develop a niche brand aspired by my “kind” of people, who are aged 25+, fashion conscious, young and combined with a playful element.” He claims his designs are practical yet infused with a twist.


Wayko believes that patience, determination and drive are vital components required when managing a business in order to realize one’s vision. He said, “It also helps to know your mind, because everybody involved in the fashion industry has an opinion.”


Take a look at Wakyoman’s designs.



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