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Nautical – By Niamh Hogan – fcMenswear’s Newest Contributor



I come in peace, to impart my manly fashion advice and general ramblings of all things testosterone filled, ain’t you lucky!!! Now, there are lots of trends for men this summer, some more wearable than others, but all can be tweaked to suit your own style and life!!


Nautical, Prints, Tailoring, Seventies, Bright Colours, Sports Luxe to name a few.

The biggest is the Nautical trend, which is sailing away from its traditional moorings, towards new horizons.

This season, the good ole ‘nautical’ trend has been refreshed; no longer is it the sole domain of rich yacht owners and Captain Birdseye, Oohhhh, Arrrr!!!!!


So you don’t get it completely wrong, and be forced to walk the plank, here are some looks that will sail you in the right direction.

You don’t have to go overboard with the classic maritime colours, Navy, White and red, switch them for more muted and Nude tones.  Think, Slouchy t-shirts, shirts and trinkety jewellery, but I would urge you to steer clear of adding the classic pirate eye-patch.  For those looking for a more accessible take of this trend, you should opt for fine knitwear in neutral shades, with the addition of a slouchy cowl-neck, slip on a part of deck shoes and your one stylish buoy !! Ok, ok, I’ll stop the sailing in lingo!!!


Another huge look is Tailored, single-breasted jackets balanced with casual t-shirts and graphic shirts, which while still neat and crisp, gives the trend weight outside of the office.  Shirts buttoned right up to the neck and slim turn-ups on t-shirt sleeves and trousers or light weight denim jeans, turned up at the ankles to give that more casual look of this trend.

 niamh2       niamh

And Finally, Could I just give you one more piece of advice. If you take nothing, but this single piece of fashion knowledge from this article, then I will have made the world a better place.


MEN IN LEGGINGS IS NOT OK! I don’t know how else to put it!! We were not ready for Speedos, or Rod Stewart styli sprayed on trousers, my eyes are still throbbing from the vision of them.  But dear God please don’t do it…….back away from the leggings, and go find a safe place!!!

By Niamh Hogan

Contact – menswear@fashioncapital.co.uk