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Hair and Makeup – fcMenswear Shoot


Hair and Makeup


To see the shoot follow this link – fcMenswear S/S 2011 Shoot

Having been set a Beach Inspired makeup brief (look one) for fcMenswears first shoot I quickly set out to research the mood boards I had been sent. As there were two makeup looks set for the day I also researched the theme Dapper (look two).

Unable to book a male model on time to practice the male looks, I found myself excited to get going on the day.


Male Beach – (Look One)

For male model Olli, I evened out his skin tone with a foundation, accentuated his cheek bones and adding a bit of colour to his lips. I gave him some natural freckles across the bridge of the nose where it is most prominent to the sun.

(For men who would prefer tips on skin care without make up you should read Boys Don’t Wear Make-up by Patrick Challenor)


Male Dapper (Look 2)

For this look I wet the hair and slicked it back using Dax Wax. This gave Olly the sophisticated evening look that I was set in the brief. I then toned down his sun kissed skin by blended in with a brush.

TIP: Makeup for men see’s us into the new millennium. In most makeup and particularly department stores there will be someone waiting to help you find the product’s best suited to your skin type.  A particular favourite would be a concealer which helps hide those blemishes that have a nasty habit of creeping up on you when you least expect them.


Female Mood Board Set by Christopher O’Reilly ‘Head of Menswear’

Female Beach (look One) – Breakdown


With Female Test Model, India’s skin tone and hair I used an ivory based shadow for the eyelid. I then added a baby pink, opening up the whole eye area.

Clear brown shadow darkened the eyebrows framing the eyes.

Clear soft brown mascara deepened their colour. (As India was very fair the brown gave it that extra colour while keeping them natural.)

A lip liner was too Strong for this look so a warm pink /beige was swept across the lip, finishing with a peachy blush on the cheekbones to give the overall beach girl look!!

For people with a similar skin tone to India I would suggest Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts and for the eyes, Bobbi Brown Pastel eye shadow palette. For Lips, Mac lip-gloss Scottish lilt.


Female Classic Evening Look (Look 2) – Breakdown



With Female test model (India) I practiced the classic evening look. Well-groomed eyebrows are a must to gain this look as they will immediately frame the eyes. With India I used a chocolate brown to give them a deep, dark appearance.

For the lids I used a champagne gold sweep across the whole eye and up to the brow bone. I then added gold on the lid with a dark brown just into the corner (in a v shape).

Black mascara on the eyelashes and black eyeliner on the top of the lids made them appear darker and fuller.

A red lip liner will help keep lipstick on for longer. Using a ruby red lipstick and clear gloss along with a liner will give that fuller lip appearance.

Finishing with a golden brown blusher accentuate the cheekbones.

TIP: From day to night, it isn’t necessary to take the application of day makeup off. With a powder you can touch up your foundation. Add deeper colours to the eyes to create a Smokey look and then some false eyelashes. Apply lip liner as this will help the lipstick colour last. Finally, add some gloss. You can either add a clear gloss or I like to use Mac lip gloss’s that have a hint of colour to suit your lipstick.


By Claire Moorman and Gilly Church

Contact – menswear@fashioncapital.co.uk