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Understanding and Shaping Culture & Creativity in Croydon: Shaping Culture and Creativity



Last night I attended a meeting held in order to discuss the future of Croydon and how we can change the perception of the borough and make it into a place that supports and thrives off creativity.

The meeting was very interesting, with other business as well as local councillors attending the meeting. We hope that this will mean great things for the future of Croydon.

We can not reveal what was discussed at this moment in time. As an independent retailer based in the centre of Croydon we are continuously struggling to compete with the clone high street. Each town centre seems to have the same shops country wide and this is something we would love to get away from. It is important to us that we support local talent and designers. As well as inspiring the local people to be adventurous with fashion and express there true personality through the use of fashion. We are also keen to hold fashion shows within the local community and currently feel that Croydon needs a great venue to hold such events. There is a lot of talent within the area and we would love to work in partnership with them to create Croydon a hub of creativity.





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