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Interview with designer Julia Clancey


Christa Everyone seems to be buzzing with excitement regarding you and your new collection. Congratulations from the team at FashionCapital.co.uk Can you just give our users some basic information about you – e.g. where are you based?

Julia Clancey “Thank you, I have worked really hard on this collection and I really believe that this is the best collection yet. Certainly the buyers have been very receptive and are delighted with individual pieces as well as the collection as a whole. I am based in Hackney, East London, although I don’t really like it!”

Christa Can you please describe your collection and your style of work?

Julia “Fairytale Glamour, fun party outfits. I mostly make dresses and tops. My clothes are easy to wear, floaty and very feminine based on silk georgettes, chiffons and satins. Colour is also very important to me and my clients the colour palette always has the right balance between fashion and contemporary hues plus there must always be some classics too.”

Christa “How long have you been in the industry?”

Julia “I have had my own label for three years, and before that worked as a stylist for ten years. You learn an awful lot during this time and I wanted to ensure that when I did launch my collection it was 100% right.” 

Christa Do you have a design background?

JuliaI don’t have a formal college education in terms of fashion design or pattern cutting; just a lot of hard work and persistence. I  never lost site of my goal to have an upmarket couture label with a strong signature handwriting that catered for todays discerning woman who has great taste and wants to look exclusive. It hasn’t been easy, but definitely worth it.”

Christa Where is your collection currently stocked?

Julia “Harrods have just bought my range to sell in their eveningwear department so this is really exciting. Koh Samui in Covent Garden were the first retailers to stock my range, and also Coco de Mer, London. The list of stockists is growing all the time but you also have to be careful to make sure that they are the right stockists for your label too.”

Christa Have you won any awards or prizes for your collections?

Julia “I won the Centre for Fashion award (CFF) which was £25,000 towards setting up my label that proved to be an excellent opportunity for me and a great start to my business.”

Christa Where do you take the inspiration from for each collection?

Julia “Me! I design what I want to wear and then make it. I have a strong sense of design and a commercial outlook.”

Christa Do you have any other design talents that our readers would like to know about?

Julia “I absolutely love decorating and interiors. My house is an eclectic mix of different styles, a crazy boudoir, clear crystals and flowers. I have a baby blue chandelier, a fairytale gallery and also a wide collection of toys. I just collect objects of interest all the time to add to the rooms. My next project is my garden which I can’t wait to start working on.”

We also know that Julia’s home is so stunning that it is often used by OK and Hello! for celebrities to be interviewed in!

Christa Are there any other gems that FashionCapital should know about Julia?

Julia “I am currently designing a range for Topshop called Miss Clancey, due to be launched in store next month. This has been such an exciting opportunity especially as other such collections have sold where there such as Celia’s range and now there are plans for Kate Moss to have a unique label there too.”

Christa What do you think the future holds for you Julia?

Julia “I want to exhibit my work somewhere where people can come and drink champagne, have a chat and I can personalise my exhibition space a bit more. My clients are very important to me and I have a lot of celebrities that I make for who I know regard as friends. This is what fashion should also be about too. I have had a lot of good reactions to my work this year so I am very content.”

Jennifer Holloway comments: “You have to know Julia. She is an extraordinary woman who has endless talent and creative ability. I have meet her a few times now and there is something alive in her personality that draws you to her. Her garments are currently selling well in the Enter Boutique and she has developed a cult following already.”

The future bodes well for Julia and justly so! She’s already a star in her own right.

Reporting by Christa Muller


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