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Turkmenistan – Day 2


Today saw the first day of the textiles exhibition in Turkmenistan; a real celebration and showcasing event for the textiles industry and its employees. The day began with the opening ceremony and catwalk show which was attended by the city’s government officials.


FashionCapital stand with Belles of London at the exhibition

The show consisted of Turkmenistan’s main fashion label House of Models. There was a strong influence of traditional costume, however one particular silk dress range with the most exquisite digital prints really stood out and we believe could translate to a commercially viable collection in the UK! Belles of London also made an appearance which was received well by the audience as well as further traditional dress this time from Turkey was also included. Overall a real mix of tradition meets fashion forward concepts making it a unique catwalk show.

Following the exhibition we were taken to the Dokma Senagaty Ministrligi – Ministry of Carpets to exclusively meet with Saparmyrat Batyrov Minister of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan.


the Dokma Senagaty Ministriligi

With a translator in tow we were able to express our delight in being asked to take part in the event and experience the city’s culture and booming textiles industry. It was fantastic to discuss how two very different countries could potentially be mutually beneficial to each other. They have skills and traditions we can certainly use and we have the knowledge, experience and contacts to help the world take notice of what Turkmenistan has to offer the fashion industry. This is only the beginning!

The day concluded with a delightful tour of the city at night with our fantastic hosts from The House of Models.



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