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The Collection – Summer Showcase


Setting out early on Friday morning FashionCapital arrived at Amika at 11am ready for rehearsals and preparation for the show. Even at 11am Amika is a stunning club to walk into, dark magical hallways lead to VIP bars and the walls are embellished with metallic swirls – the high ceilings and dark atmosphere are like a different world and the carpet underfoot makes for a silent eerie entrance.


The stunning models arrived at 12 and the day was in full swing starting with the second set of fittings. Along with the models and organisers there was a host of dressers making sure the day ran smoothly – these girls worked all day and night tirelessly and did a fantastic job!


After gruelling rehearsals, working on choreography, walks, running order, backstage co-ordination and of course a lunch break it was time for hair and make up. Hair and make up was provided by Ashley Kay Gifford – our lovely beauty blogger, and her assistant.

All this mania gave way to the doors opening and the club starting to fill up, people drawn in, no doubt, by the yummy Pimms cocktail reception – a perfect drink for the summer theme!

At 11.15pm we were all ready and Jemima Daisy took to the floor to welcome the audience and explain the concept of The Collection then, the lights were raised and the show began.

Image by Natalie Bennett

Opening the show was a selection of long flowing gowns from Ariella. Ariella are an award winning couture dress making company, operational for over 40 years and still looking to break into new consumer markets.

The dresses are stunning, stalking down the catwalk come an array of peacock colours in silk and satin, shimmering with sequin detail and embellishment – these dresses open the show perfectly and add such an exclusive edge to the show – applause is heard for the dresses as the audience sound their appreciation for the gorgeous garments.

Image By Natalie BennettImage by Natalie Bennett

Next, the colourful collection from Dancing Dolls. Dancing Dolls is a fresh, funky, made to measure dancewear brand, branching now into swimwear. The collection features a range of innovative shapes prints and colours. Cut out suits mix with stringy bikinis, retro style, side tied bathing suits and one stunning piece is a Lady GaGa –esque hooded white suit with cut out sections and a deep plunging neck – the hood is supported by a huge afro hair style sported by the gorgeous Samar.

Image by Natalie BennettImage by Natalie Bennett

Third on the agenda is Agnes Valentine, inspired by the 1920’s-1950’s the music takes a contrasting turn to Gene Vincent with Be Bop A Lula and models almost skip down the catwalk with cheeky grins, large lollipops and clicking on the off beat. Agnes Valentine’s collection is so refreshing – some how mixing current trends with retro shapes.

About the show, designer Agnes Cushine commented :

I want to say a big thank you to you and the team for the show at Amika yesterday. The models were professionals, I loved the music, the display, the atmosphere!! Fantastic.

Image by Natalie BennettImage by Natalie Bennett

After this we return to Ariella for a selection of shorter evening dresses – a great contrast to the elegant first collection this sees sassy party dresses perfect for any girl looking to stand out in the crowd! These dresses are once again made to measure and you can see the look of jealousy on members of the crowds faces as their high street buys fade into insignificance!

Image by Natalie BennettImage by Natalie Bennett

Last, but certainly not least is Minikini. Minikini is run by Australian Michelle Brookman, who, after competing in various competitions such as Miss Hawaiian Tropic decided that there was not enough swimwear available to women. Wanting to help girls stand out on the beach she began designing.
The Minikini collection was split into two sections – a cute nautical theme with ruffles, polka dots and denim leading into a shimmering sun kissed collection featuring cut out suits, metallic’s and sparkling sequin bikinis. This collection was accompanied by some VERY buff men in cute little geek glasses and bow ties escorting our lovely ladies down the red carpet catwalk.

The show comes to a close and the models come back to the catwalk in some of their favourite pieces from the show –the mixture of swimwear, spangly dresses and high spirits puts everyone in the mood for a party. After arranging interviews, photographs and the return of samples to designers it is tome to kick back and enjoy Amika with the whole crew from the show.

image by natalie bennettafter

Organisers and Models : enjoying the after party!

Next time!
FashionCapital and Edge Models are already working on the next show! Due in late august we will be returning the show to London once more (exact location TBC) for an avant-garde show – we are looking for the craziest designers, with the wildest designs and accessories to mismatch! If you are interested in taking part in the next show please contact jemima@fashioncapital.co.uk or jenni@fashion-enter.com .

FashionCapital and Edge Models would like to thank:
All the models: Thank you girls for waiting around all day, staying friendly and beautiful and for looking so fabulous on the catwalk!
Ashley Kay Gifford: For all her hard work with the make up and hair – we also wish her all the best with her bump!
Aaron Gardner and Jamie Elsey: The video men! Thank you for the soon to be released video, working in a difficult space and for being generally helpful!
Natalie Bennett: Thank you for coming down to shoot the catwalk and getting the images sent over to us so quickly!
Lastly: Thank you to Amika and the team there for helping us all day with arrangements and refreshment.

FashionCapital are aware that some people had problems getting into the show despite being guest listed and adhering to all door rules. We are very sorry for this confusion and we had 2 people working at the door to make sure that no one on our guest list was turned away. This problem arose from confusion with Amika and their external door staffing. Once again we are sorry and we hope that any one turned away will not hold it against us and will come to the next show!

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