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Vita Gottlieb



A Finalist in Fashion Fringe 2012, Vita Gottlieb is an exciting new womenswear brand with an eye for the extraordinary. Established in 2011 by talented young designer Vita Gottlieb, a Londoner with wanderlust and a love of culture, the label seeks to push at the edges of creative and cultural boundaries.

Inspired by travel, alternative culture and the natural world, from nature’s macro patterns to human stories that resist confinement, Vita Gottlieb’s work is defined by a dynamic graphic style that diffuses a variety of influences.

Juxtaposition and the fusion of opposites are integral to Vita Gottlieb designs. The poetic, tactile collections feature unmistakable graphic prints, combined with a considered use of colour, innovative construction techniques and Vita’s signature intricate hand pleating – creating garments which embody emotion, sensuality and the poetry and craftsmanship of materials.

For Vita Gottlieb, what’s important is the attention to craft and detail – hidden pockets, external brass zips and contrasting fabrics are all employed to create a sensual dialogue between materials and the skin.

These are garments that roam the body, alluding to a flow of movement under the surface – clothes that challenge the assumption that comfort is dull. Both challenging and wearable, modern with an twist of the vintage – this is a label to watch.

In 2011 she was selected for the Centre for Fashion Enterprise‘s Market Entry Programme and in June 2012, after a gruelling 2 days of technical tests, she was selected as a Finalist in Fashion Fringe 2012.








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