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The Cambridge Raincoat Company


The Cambridge Raincoat Company Ltd was established in July 2010 by Sally Guyer, who has cycled in and out of Cambridge for over 17 years and first found independence on a bicycle when she was seven years old.

Sally originally had the idea for fashion raincoats for people who ride upright bicycles back in 2003 when caught in yet another downpour while cycling the five miles home from Cambridge. A fan of Copenhagen Cycle Chic, a Danish blog which has become world-famous & which promotes riding a bicycle in your normal clothes, her concept was to provide a chic and versatile raincoat which would look good off and on the bike,
meaning the wearer could confidently step off their bicycle and go straight into their workplace, meeting or social function without needing to change or feel embarrassed by their ugly waterproofs or hi-viz clothing, or wonder where to get changed or put all their wet waterproofs on arrival at their destination.

She knew that life needs to be simplifed rather than complicated and that having one garment do the job of three would be an asset to anyone’s life as well as their wardrobe.
She also knew that rainy days tend to get people down a little (especially if they’ve got to cycle in the rain) and wanted every detail to brighten the day of the wearer. As a result, believing that the coats could be beautiful without compromising practicality, the linings in all the women’s coats have polka dot patterns in delicious co-ordinating colours and unique decorative reflective features and the raincoats are washable. They
are are made in England, synonymous with quality all over the world.
Concept conceived in Cambridge, England by Sally Guyer, Owner and founder of The Cambridge Raincoat Company.

If you were to treat yourself to the incomparable, stylish, cycling chic apparel
from The Cambridge Raincoat Company, then there would be no excuse not to
jump on your bike for the daily commute. Look stylish from door to door in this
perfectly practical raincoat.

Having experimented with all sorts of wet weather gear over the years including
waterproof cycling trousers and capes and struggling to overcome the negatives each
of them came with, Sally Guyer saw a niche for stylish yet effective cycle wear that is
appropriate for every stage of your journey and every aspect of daily life. This saw a
period of research, development and Savile Row tailoring to create the signature
raincoat of The Cambridge Raincoat Company.
The feeling that it must be possible to produce a coat long enough to keep the knees
dry, be brightly coloured enough to be noticeable yet still chic enough to be a pleasure
to wear was the motivation for Sally.
All raincoats produced by The Cambridge Raincoat Company are made using either 100% taslan, or 100% Cordura, depending on colour choice, both of which offer considerable qualities in terms of protection from the elements. The fabrics are highly water resistant and water will simply bead on the surface. With a soft, polyester lining, the raincoats are very lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear, providing a breathable, windproof and stylish alternative to traditional cycle wear. Best of all, they are washable.
Sally is a firm believer in Mikael Colville Andersen’s (founder of Copenhagen Cycle Chic) opinion that ‘It’s about dressing for your destination, not the journey’. As much as this is at the heart of The Cambridge Raincoat Company’s design, the key selling point of these raincoats has got to be the practical protection and comfort they offer for the journey itself.

Appealing to a broad age range and tapping into luxury for the astute commuter, The Cambridge Raincoat Company are in a niche market all of their own. With Sally’s dedication, there is no end to the potential of this company, Sally herself says, “I live; sleep; eat; breathe my business all the time. I’m always thinking about what to do next, and how to drive it forward.”

The collection features three styles for women (one of which is unisex), one style for men and a women’s rainhat in addition to reflective strips.
Colour options available include red, yellow, mauve, green, cobalt blue and navy.

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