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Ornella Iannuzzi


Using a wide range of natural and precious materials, her work is characterised by harmonious composition of colours and textures, with a certain attraction for the unusual. She creates complex and sculptural eye-catching shapes that appear to have occurred naturally. Unusual settings are her forte and each suits the featured stone, which can be cut, rough, or hand-carved freeform. Ornella’s style is highly distinctive & powerful and it combines the souls of high fashion and avant-garde into incredibly adventurous pieces that are decidedly individualistic and dramatic.

Ornella started studying jewellery in France, where she comes from, and decided to come to London to complete her studies with a Master at the Royal College of Art. After graduating from the RCA in 2007, Ornella joined Cockpit Arts with the Belhouse Foundation Awards to set up her own company. Since the start of her business in 2008, she has launched a new collection every year during the annual Goldsmith’s Fair in Autumn.  She received several awards for her work such as the Gold Award in Fine Jewellery – IJL selection and GIA Award – organized by the Goldsmith’s Hall (London) in 2009. She was also a Laureate of the Adler Design Award (Geneva) that same year. She won the Gold Award of the Jewellery crafts&design selected competition in 2010, and was a finalist at the UK Jewellery Awards and Italian Jewellery Awards in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Her jewellery has been featured in worldwide press such as the Financial Times, The Times, Vogue, Jewellery Focus, Professional Jeweller, Retail Jeweller (UK), Donna magazine (Germany),  Genlux magazine (USA), Dreams & Ateliers d’Art de France magazines (France), Adore magazine (Singapoore),  Jewelry World (China), as well as online on various blogs and websites such as The Jewellery Editor, Jewellery Outlook, J&W Russia, etc.

Up to 2012, Ornella has mainly focused on developing the bespoke part of her business and she has a strong following of private clients who commission pieces of jewellery throughout the year. However, working with trade and increasing her stockists is her main target for 2013 and Ornella has designed a new collection especially in this objective – called “Les Corallines”. This new range, inspired by the sea and coral growths, shows an evolution from her previous “small edition” collection called “Abyss”- based on pearls and other treasures from the sea. The new designs build on Ornella’s distinctive style while spreading to a new market with a high commercial aspect. The first pieces will be revealed at the Collyer Bristow show alongside some of Ornella’s unique signature pieces.


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