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Jade and John



‘Decadent Wearable Art’ 2012 Jewellery & Fashion Accessories Collection

Jade & John are proud to present their first collection of couture masks, metal bodywear and luxury statement jewellery.

Designed and handmade in London, the collection features a selection of extravagant pieces that embrace the more outrageous trends in the music industry and catwalk couture, such as their chain cape and warrior crown mask. Sterling silver & gold-plated pendants, earrings & rings see the collection become wearable for everyday, while still allowing the wearer to make a statement & remain on-trend.

Jade & John are inspired by the concept of empowering people through their pieces. Adorning the face & body with engineered structures and natural elements, they explore power and seduction with an aim to creating accessible, wearable, works of art.

Pieces are created predominantly from precious & non-precious metals, but Jade & John are also extremely passionate about exploring new materials & techniques to ensure their designs become reality.

They also apply their unique style & skills to produce bespoke commissions, creating unique pieces that perfectly suit their clients’ desires – whether it be a statement piece of jewellery with a personal touch, or a high-impact headpiece for a ball, festival or production.

Jade & John say: “We wanted to make this collection really enjoyable to wear by creating pieces that enhance the wearer’s beauty and sense of empowerment. Our sterling silver animal skull pendants, large gemstone rings and princess-style headpieces are guaranteed conversation starters!”

Jade and John are a couple in both work & life, fusing together John’s technically creative skills with Jade’s limitless imagination. Both draw on their backgrounds in fashion & art, and share passions for dark style, the feminine form and creating beautiful things.

Visit www.jadeandjohn.com for more information and to view Jade & John’s online boutique.





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