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Graduate Fashion Week 2019 – Sustainability is the Word


Graduate Fashion Week is well underway and this year it comes as no surprise that the emphasis is on ‘sustainability’ within the fashion industry. From the exhibiting stands to the GFW catwalk graduates explored the sustainable theme in all fashion disciplines from marketing and communication to photography and design.

It was notable that many textile and design students utilised natural yarns and fibres and used these to creatively push the boundaries in proportion, colour and styling. Messages about the environment and climate change were loud and clear, along with several others concerning diversity and inclusion.

Texture and vibrant colour clashes hit the runway from Manchester School of Art graduate – Rafaella Konstantinou. She combined ultra feminine shapes and frills with sheer panelling in bright turquoise and yellow. Her appliqued oversized flowers and fruits gave her collection a frivolous and fun feel.

Over at the ‘Considered Design Hub’ guest speaker Amy Powney, Creative Director of the Brand Mother of Pearl – talked to Hilary Alexander about how to source fabrics ethically, what to look for when finding key fabrics for starting a brand, and how to make sure you build relationships with your suppliers to have full transparency. Her talk very informative for emerging designers wanting to start their own brand and full of lots of tips that can easily get overlooked.

GFW2019 is really packing a punch with some high end designer brands and well known high street names involved and sponsoring the event. Today, 4th June, Fashion Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway gave a talk on the ‘Considered Design Hub’ stand to discuss ‘What an ethical UK Factory looks like.’ Attendee Karolina Najdek commented on Jenny’s talk: “Thank-you for your talk at Graduate Fashion Week, it was very informative. You made me aware of issues that I didn’t realise existed.”

GFW continues until tomorrow 5th June and will culminate in a prestigious awards ceremony.

Graduate Fashion Week Sunday 2nd to Wednesday 5th June 2019 at The Truman Brewery, London E1.

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