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Ituen has forged a subtle yet distinct signature inspired by couturiers of old as well as her many years of experience in the fashion industry. The brand is synonymous with the tradition of the finest quality infused with unquestionable creativity. Her spectacular presentation is often seen as the result of a fusion of experiences.

Ituen Basi

At the University of Ife, Nigeria, alongside successfully studying for a BA Theatre Arts degree, she designed and tailored costumes and garments for stage productions and beauty pageants. Following her time at University, Ituen deepened her knowledge and formalized her experience in the fashion industry by studying at the acclaimed London College of Fashion, U.K. where she majored in Tailoring and Clothing Technology. After her graduation from the London College of Fashion, Ituen Basi went on to excel in sample-making for established designers and putting her acquired knowledge to practical use. She continued building her repertoire by moving on to bespoke bridal wear, later introducing her day and formal wear under the ‘Ituen Basi’ label which she sold directly to clients as well as through selected retail outlets, including a concession at the Chelsea Collection, London, U.K.

Ituen’s education and experience have helped her develop a blend of exceptional skills in design development, pattern engineering and customized tailoring. Her unique approach produces exceptional but wearable art pieces which are contemporary expressions of enduring sophistication. Her message remains consistent across each exclusive collection – “it’s in the detail.”

Recently, Ituen Basi has been involved in quite a few fashion events. She showed during 2009’s inaugural Arise Africa Fashion Week held in South Africa where she was presented an award for ‘Innovation in Fashion.’ City People also crowned her ‘Most Creative Designer’ in December 2009. In addition she has also made outfits for Calabar’s 2009 Carnival fashion show as well as for the MNET 2010 Face of Africa finale in Lagos along with other prominent Nigerian designers.

Ituen Basi


Ituen Basi’s spring/summer ’09 collection is a refreshing celebration of the ubiquitous Nigerian print in all its glory. Christened ‘Ankara and Beads,’ the collection is a stylish dialogue of elegance and sophistication punctuated with eclectic and whimsical exclamations. Fantastically fused, this quirky and clever collection is brilliant in every detail with a dramatic explosion of colours and prints which recall a familiar place and time. Ituen’s fresh design interpretation and fabric treatment beckon a new era of Ankara designs. Her fabric treatment creates texture while introducing fun and surprise to celebrated prints.

As far as colour goes, no colour has been left out as the entire collection is a tapestry of colour. Ituen Basi’s collection focuses primarily on colour rather than the print of the fabric. This carefully planned and well-executed design treatment – the backbone of the collection – successfully introduces the vibrant clash and tonal blend of colours in her pieces.

Key pieces include the ubiquitous jacket, 70’s inspired tunics, ‘prom’ skirts, relaxed ‘flapper’ inspired dresses and signature Ankara accessories, most of which are 100 percent lightweight cotton with a few pieces in dupion silk.

The new collection stays true to the essence of the Ituen Basi label. The collection has an ultra feminine, clean silhouette complimenting all adorned. The streamlined collection belies the intricate craftsmanship synonymous with the label with each piece designed to stand alone or as a complement to another. The cut, fit and soft tailoring ensure the garments move with flattering fluidity which as always is reminiscent of her attention to every detail.

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