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Colder Shoulder


Founded by born and bred Londoners, Colder Shoulder is continually inspired by the city’s randomness, cultural diversity and unique energy.

colder shoulder

The brand name stems from a well known phrase ‘cold shoulder’ meaning to display coldness or indifference. Our ethos is to embrace the power we have as decision makers to make good choices.

Sustainability is at the heart of Colder Shoulder. This is reflected throughout the brand by its use of organic and sustainable fabrics, renewable energy and water based printing.

The sustainable streetwear brand for men and women uses bold, graphic prints with an emphasis on humour, expression and interaction. Made for characters with personality and style, the brand can be found on the shoulders of Londoners and visitors alike. Whether you are an East London cool kid, international artist, cheeky lad, local lady or… it’s for everyone.


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