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Cwtchy Cwtchy at Clothes Show Live 2011



cwtchy cwtchy is slang Welsh and it means to hug which was in mind when designing the V band.

V band follows the bone structure in the front and back of the body not only looking distinctively different its V shaped back creates the illusion of a much more desirable bottom it is so comfortable to wear unlike some waist bands which can cut across your middle even causing the dreaded muffin top. Some have said “V band feels like they are wearing nothing”. V bands are so cwtchy cwtchy they can be worn before and during pregnancy.

I have cleverly demonstrated that a Vband can be inserted in to most garment which should have a waistband.

If you are a designer wanting to use the V band then cwtchy cwtchy can licence out the IP protected design or we can manufacture to meet your requirements, or you can make a purchase from our small collection by following the link belowcwtchycwtchy.fcboutique.co.uk

Cwtchy cwtchy are manufacturing in England and of course Wales striving for quality.

Cwtchy cwtchy has high hopes for the future and hopes that you the consumer will have high regards for our brand.

You can contact cwtchy cwtchy at cwtchycwtchy@hotmail.co.uk
Or contact: 07792115191

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