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Trollied Dolly at Clothes Show Live 2011


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, 2 sisters vowed that they would never go back to their jobs in the office and that they would instead, search for an altogether more enjoyable way of putting wine on the table.


So one sister travelled south to the Thai island of Koh Phangnan and ran a fabulous womens clothes shop for 5 score months and 2. And one sister went on a long extended honeymoon (but she did have a textile degree to bring to the party, so she was allowed to skive off!)


Inspired by their travels, the colour, the cultures and their new friends and contacts, they decided to live for the day and start up their own business. They had always longed not to look really ugly sisters, to always have something fabulous to wear at the ball and coupled with their deep love of getting trollied, they founded Trollied Dolly clothing for sista’s all over the kingdom.


They vowed that they would :

– Only sell clothes fit for good times and having fun in…
– Design 80% of the entire range on this website themselves (this is our exclusive Trollied Dolly collection)
– And to support up and coming young Asian designers to make up the remaining 20% of the haul (‘cherry picked by trollied dolly’ range) to bring back to the Motherland. Bright, fresh and funky clothes, never before seen on the High Street.

They believe in a land where bad outfits, dull fabrics and boring basics are banned and dreams of utter wardrobe brilliance really can come true!!!

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