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Fatface Complete First CPPD With Fashion Enter.


An on-going and continual process of both personal and professional growth that improves the capability of an individual to realise their full potential, Fashion Enter delivers CPPD training to industry professionals within garment technology, buying and merchandising.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 3.04.29 pmToday for the first time CEO Jenny Holloway and Production Manager Caroline Ash welcomed employees from high street retailer Fatface. 

Consisting of buyer’s admins, assistant buyers, assistant merchandisers, junior merchandisers, print designers and garment tech assistants the group had the chance to see the factory first hand.  With Jenny and Caroline discussing a number of topics including how a factory operates, factory lead times, the garment life cycle, finance, fabric stock, cabbage and the use of industrial machines nothing was left uncovered.

On their time at the factory the group commented;

“I have learnt about production lines, processes and industry practices.  I have also gained knowledge of machinery… The training and information was great… Jenny was brilliant and very passionate!” – Sarah

“The seminar gave me a good insight into how factories work and how best to help factories within my day to day role.  I have also learnt how I can support my buyers.“ – Joanne

“I have gained from this CPPD more in depth understanding of factory processes affecting garment costing and production time.  I hope to use the knowledge gained to improve working practice for my career.” – Emma

“Today was really insightful.  I have a greater understanding of the processes within a UK factory… I leave with more information that I had anticipated.” – Rachel

“I have learnt about operations, lay planning and how changes have an effect on planning… This visit was truly eye opening.” – Melanie

“The CPPD helped bring to life the factory processes.  It was really helpful and useful and I feel I have a better understanding on how processes are completed.” – Katie

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