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The Factory Uncovered with Arcadia


Assistants Buyers and Buyers Admin Assistants from Arcadia group companies including Wallis joined Jenny Holloway at the Fashion Enter factory for a Factory Uncovered CPPD course which allowed them to gain insight into the running of a production factory in the UK as well as becoming familiar with health and safety within the factory.Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 2.48.26 pm

CPPD is an on-going and continual process of both personal and professional growth that improves the capability of an individual to realise their full potential. Fashion Enter delivers CPPD training for industry professionals seeking deep rich learning in a live factory environment to ensure full understanding of the complete garment life cycle is achieved.

With the ability to see and meet a range of people within the factory whom all contribute to the production process of a garment, Jenny led the group on a factory tour where they had the ability to ask any questions and see for themselves what each member of the hard working team do.

On their visit to the Fashion Enter factory the group commented;

“Today I have learnt how a factory runs, the logical process and ICPIS, key audit knowledge, how to spot positive and negatives in the environment, how to use an industrial machine and also how patterns are laid.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it really useful, engaging and completely relevant to my role.  I would 100% recommend to a colleague.” – Hayley

“This seminar has giving me more understanding on costings, lay plays and tests done through the production process.  I’ve also learnt the requirements to run a factory and gained more understanding on methods in manufacturing.  Jenny was lovely and it was easy to relate into work life and ask questions.” – Stephanie

“The Factory Uncovered has informed me of the health and safety requirements, costings, production in the UK and the processes within a factory.  I thought it was excellent and very engaging.” – Georgina

“Today I’ve learnt different areas of a factory from start to finish, how to make a garment most cost effective and what to look out for ethically within production… Jenny was very helpful, honest and offered lots of advice.” – Louise

“From the flow in a factory to different aspects of production the course today has taught me so much… I’ve learnt how to spot factory compliance in audits and found ways to reduce CMT costs.” – Toni-Marie

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