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Fat Face Joins Forces With Fashion Enter


On the 7th December, we will welcome a number of garment technologists, as well as Head of Buying Kate Brown, from high street retailer Fat Face for their first ever CPPD training course here at Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.20.19 amSimilar to many of our other CPPD courses, the day will provide the company and attendees with highly informative information and the ability to see first-hand how a live factory works and how each of their individual roles contribute to the manufacturing process of a garment.

The company will hear from a wide range of speakers, all of whom work here at Fashion Enter and are highly regarded within our company.

Jenny Holloway will kick start the day, providing an introduction and overview of the garment life cycle and company before handing over to Melissa, our …. Who will detail what affects margin for a retail and how we work on costings using operation break downs and CAD.  Production manager Caroline Ash with then highlight how factories calculate time, giving insider information of what a retailer needs to know to ensure they are not hit by hidden costs.

After a tour of our factory, which leaves many amazed, Jenny Holloway will highlight how retailers can work with fabric and how to choose the correct components for garments.

Following a break, Dymphna Harrison will provide working examples of CAD and show how cabbage is made and the effects.  Kyri will then inform the group how to see if the right industrial machines are being used and advise what to look out for to ensure a factory is compliant.

Jenny Holloway and Caroline Ash will then once again take to the stage and explain why deliveries are sometimes late.  Factors including fitting sessions and the change of seams will  be highlighted here as well as a demonstration of over lockers and tolerances.

Ending the day, Anna-Maria will give an overview of Galaxius which is the way forward for manufacturers.

On this incredible opportunity Jenny Holloway states “Fat Face is very warmly welcomed and we are looking forward to holding our first ever CPPD course with them!”

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