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ABC Endorsed CPPD With New Look


Completing our ABC Endorsed CPPD workshop, a small team including a supervisor, sales assistant and buyers admin assistant from New Look visited Fashion Enter gaining insight into a working factory.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 13.42.45On arrival, the three members of staff were asked to complete a pre-course evaluation detailing what they already had understand of and what they hoped to learn and take away from the workshop.

Supervisor Kamilla said: “I’m hoping to learn about the industry and gain knowledge about how a factory works… I would also like to gain insight and tools that will benefit me going forward in design and my own fashion business.”

Sales Assistant Brenda followed: “I would like to learn how the manufacturing side of garments works and how I can run my own business in the future.”

Buyers Admin Assistant Monique added: I’d like to learn how factories work and how to develop a collection from all of the several stages.”

CEO Jenny Holloway conducted the CPPD workshop informing the trainees of how the complete garment life cycle is achieved in a live factory environment, showing them how each of the different stages is carried out on the factory floor.

Upon completion the three were asked to complete a post-course evaluation to see what they had learnt and if they had gained the knowledge and insight they had hoped to.

“The CPPD today exceeded my expectations, I feel the training will make my own work stronger as I have a more insightful knowledge… I feel I will be able to develop my own collection with confidence.  Due to such great teaching and information I have learnt so in such a short space of time!”

“I feel my colleagues will understand why we believe quality control of garments is very important.  Personally I have learnt a lot about what to look out for when approaching a factory, the health and safety signs to look out for, grading and how a collection is made.”

“I’ve gained knowledge and information that I never knew so today has given me a better outlook moving forward.  The CPPD workshop was very interesting and I have learnt a lot.” 

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