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Uxbridge College students Visit The Factory


The visit commenced with an overview of Fashion Enter explaining all of the different areas we operate in as well as the training opportunities available at the FTA. The students were then taken through the garment life cycle and shown what it takes to create a garment from the initial idea right through to production and delivery. They were taught industry terms such as green seal and red seal, what a confidentiality agreement is and what cabbage is.


The students were then asked to complete an observation task and spent 30 minutes observing the factory floor after being asked why are we a fully compliant SMETA approved factory? Their observations lead to noticing the yellow markings on the floor for walkways, the overhead lighting, the metal protection glove for the cutter, quality control stations, metal detector and guards on the machines. All of this and more is exactly why we are able to work with clients such as M&S and Tesco.

The students were then taken in to the Fashion Studio and shown how we work with new business startups and independent designers for samples and small production rooms. They were able to observe the sample machinists and then the pattern cutters who produce patterns both manually and digitally through the Vetigraph system for clients in the factory and the fashion studio.  

The tour then took the students into the Fashion Technology Academy were they could see current learners being trained as pattern cutters on the Perfect Pattern Cutting course, stitchers on the Stitching Academy and apprentices on the apprenticeship programme.

Image – students in the Stitching Academy being taken through a portfolio

Here are just a few comments from the students:

I have learnt so much from this seminar and I found it extremely interesting. Thank you.’ Katharina

‘I have learnt about all the different stages there are in producing a garment. I have learnt what cabbage is and how much goes into the design process.’ Nescia

‘Great environment and very interesting to learn all about the industry and to see it firsthand.’ Daman

We hope to welcome further students from Uxbridge College to the Factory in the future. 

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