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Fourth CPPD workshop with New Look


The group of 10 BAA’s were guided through the complete process of garment manufacturing by Production Manager Caroline Ash. They learnt what an open costing is, what the calculation used is and how it is derived and what a retailer needs to know so there are no hidden costs. They were given an insight into choosing the correct components for the garment as well as understanding fabric consumption and the effects of cabbage. Overall a real eye opener into  the world of manufacturing and understanding a factory’s perspective on the whole process.

CPPD new look

‘Interesting to learn about the supplier process which will make it easier to understand and negotiate.’ Michelle, Assistant Buyer

‘A great insight into a factory and the processes, I learnt a lot from the experience. I have learnt the different processes within the production line and how a factory works. The importance of each stage and how it affects us when booking a style.’ Jenny, BAA – Formal Jersey

‘Very useful and informative visit! I have learnt the garment making process from start to finish – seeing it first hand in a factory, the different stitching techniques and what can effect a delivery on the supplier side and how buyers actions can also affect this.’ Hannah, Buyers Assistant

We look forward to the next group!

If you are a retailer or educational establishment and feel your employees would benefit from a similar workshop please email info@fashioncapital.co.uk for further details. 

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