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George At Asda Return For Another CPPD Course


On Tuesday 9th August we welcomed a cohort of employees from George at Asda to the Fashion Enter factory.  Completing one of our bespoke CPPD courses, they were presented with the opportunity to gain insightful understanding of how an ethical British manufacturer operates. Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 9.20.19 am

With Jenny Holloway on hand to lead the tour of the award winning Fashion Enter factory, the group were able to see first-hand each of the many roles that go into the production of garment and how valued each team member truly is.  From our skilled machinists to pattern cutters and production manager to studio manager, no role was left out.  In addition, health and safety in the factory was demonstrated before the group had the opportunity to see how quality control checks are carried out and the impact that quality has on pre-production and production.

Feedback from the group included;

“This CPPD has given me the ability to visualise production and has offered real life examples.  I would recommend these to anyone in retail.  It has given more of a respect towards supplies base and factories.” – Hannah

“I have learnt across all areas of the business… great overview given from retail to supplier.” –  Francesca

“I have learnt a lot from this seminar…. The whole factory process and the pattern cutting was really refreshing to learn more about.” – Ellie

“I’ve learnt a lot about time scales, the amount of work that goes into a garment and the skills needed.” – Megan

“I learnt everything about a factory, from the critical path to pattern cutting.  I really enjoyed it all and would definitely recommend to others.” – Trishna

Offering our CPPD courses to industry professionals we are able to ensure that the full garment life cycle is fully understood.  In addition, many that have completed our courses say that the knowledge gained has a positive impact on their role in the work place.  If you think one of our bespoke courses could be beneficial to you, contact us today! 

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