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Meet Yvonne Radley the Creator of Big Me Up Media


Life is full of twists and turns it’s how you deal with them that counts. Meet Yvonne Radley coach and original founder of Action Boot Camp and the creator of Big Me Up Media. A redundancy made her rethink the direction of her career and now she encourages and supports others with her media training, here is her story…

When the economic crash of 2008 hit I had no idea how this would effect my life –for the better. I was made redundant from my News Editor job at Capital FM East Midlands in 2010 and decided to dive head first into a brand new boot camp business with my then boyfriend who was a Personal Trainer. The timing was perfect in every way. I had a small lump sum. Social Media was just getting started. Groupon was new on the scene, gyms were charging a fortune and people were looking for a cheaper alternative to get fit and have fun.

We grew very quickly from two sites to nine with the help of Groupon and our business was up and running and doing vey well. Soon after, we started winning industry awards and other bootcamp owners asked me how we’d grown so quickly as they were struggling to fill their camps. I explained that I used my background as a journalist to market the company and get publicity for us using traditional and now social media. They asked me to show them how to do it too and that’s how my company Big Me Up Media was born in 2012.

Nowadays I’m no longer with the PT Instructor or the bootcamp but I do have the best job in the world teaching other small business owners how to grow their profile and their profits using traditional and social media. Both still as powerful as each other.

I help them to position themselves as the expert or authority in their town by showing them how to get featured in the local press or radio and also how to attract an audience and make connections using social media. My current favourite is Instagram and particularly Instagram Stories, which are so powerful for showcasing your company and the individuals behind it.

I hold several online workshops on the subject and also coach people on a one to one basis to help them leverage the media and get their message out there.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jenny Holloway (CEO of Fashion Enter /FashionCapital) at International Women’s Day in Marbella where I gave everyone a quick lesson in using the Stories feature. Because it’s a visual platform it works really well for the fashion industry, not just for showcasing your own lines but also to make connections with industry influencers and of course becoming an influencer yourself. This doesn’t mean having thousands of fans, nowadays brands look for micro-influencers to invest in because they know their followers are real and engaged.

If you’d like to find out more about how media and social media can help you to make a mark then please get in touch.

E: yvonne.radley@yahoo.co.uk

W: https://bigmeupmedia.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/bigmeupmedia/

My next IG Stories Masterclass is happening on March 29th 

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