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How To Get Festival Ready


The UK is home to some of the most iconic music festivals in the world. Glastonbury is one of the best-known, a celebration of all the performing arts, as is Download the music festival devoted to heavy metal. Major acts headline the stages and there are a host of other activities on offer including expert talks, poetry readings, comedy and dancing.

If you’re joining the millions attending UK music festivals this year and it’s your first experience of events of this type, follow this guide to get festival-ready. We’ve covered everything from what to wear and essential gear to how to stay in contact with friends.

Image by Wendy Wei – pexels
  1. Get the gear

Navigating a festival can be challenging, especially after days of limited sleep when the ground has turned into a quagmire! Preparing for all eventualities is key to ensuring a good experience, so get the right gear before you go! This includes:

Image by JoJo Iles
  1. Fuel your fun

Planning meals at festivals can be tricky, especially if your favourite bands are performing back-to-back and you just have to be at the front of the crowd! That’s why it’s sensible to carry some snacks to fuel your fun in addition to the festival food which is delicious but pricey. 

Choose non-perishables that are lightweight and can be consumed on the go. Ideal contenders are energy bars, nuts and dried fruit. Stay well-hydrated throughout the festival, especially if you are consuming alcohol: stick to the recommended 2L per day.

  1. Festival fashion

A festival is a fantastic opportunity to be creative with your clothing, but bear in mind that comfort is key to you having a good time!

As well as sturdy footwear to protect your feet, cover your head with a bucket hat and wear sunglasses to shade your eyes when the sun is shining. Stick to layers that are easy to adjust depending on the weather such as zip-through jackets and cardigans and button-down shirts.

Even if the days are warm, the nights can become very cool very quickly, so be prepared with cosy pyjamas and thick socks to wear inside your sleeping bag.

  1. Finding friends

Unsurprisingly, it’s easy to lose people at events attended by thousands! If that does happen, follow these tips – it’ll make finding your friends a breeze. 

Carry a power bank with you wherever you go so you can charge your phone if you lose battery and continue to field calls and send/receive messages. You should also download the festival app so that you have the ability to communicate offline if you lose signal. 

Finally, set an emergency meeting point in a safe and easily accessible area and wait there when in doubt. Before long, your friends will be back to rescue you!

Happy festival season!

Top image by thfotodesign – pexels.com

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