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Fashion – Enter’s Weekend Away


In line with ‘International Week of Happiness at Work’ Fashion-Enter Ltd staff are about to embark on their next weekend away. Taking place 25th & 26th September staff from the London HQ will travel and meet up with the Welsh team in Newtown, Powys, Wales. On the agenda is a live band (with lead singer Simon Platt AKA Sourcing Director at ASOS), a hog roast and a disco! It provides the chance for the entire company to regroup and enjoy themselves.

Fashion-Enter Ltd adopts a family ethos and acknowledges that the working environment is more than just a place of employment – it’s a place to feel a part of a team, to strive to do the best you can and to develop long-lasting working relationships.

Previous Fashion-Enter staff trips away have included: a seaside visit to Blackpool, the London Dungeon experience and a day at London Zoo. Here’s what Fashion-Enter staff say about the annual trips away:

TJ, HR and Compliance: “As Head of Compliance I know how important staff morale is and these outings to the seaside and the Zoo make all the difference. It’s a great time to really get to know the teams and just have a good time.” 

Caroline Ash, Production Director: “I have worked in industry for over 40-years and there is no other company that I know of that goes on day trips or weekend trips for free for their staff. It’s unique, fun and really appreciated by us all.”   

Gee, Fashion Studio Assistant: “I started at Fashion-Enter as an apprentice and I just got such a good vibe about how the company works; and I was right. I know that they care and going to Blackpool for a weekend trip, then an outing to London Zoo and now we are going to Wales for a weekend this Friday. This is how work should be!” 

Elle, Garment Tech: Being taken to Blackpool by our company was so much fun and great to interact with all the staff. It was a bonus when we found out it was Pride weekend too!I’ve never worked with a company who treats their staff to a weekend away, how generous and what a great team to be a part of.”

Yan, Fashion Studio stitcher: “I was the reason behind the annual seaside trips. One day whilst talking to CEO Jenny Holloway, I mentioned I had never been to the beach with my two children, so Fashion-Enter had to put this right! Now, we are taking a trip this weekend and meeting with other workers at the Welsh factory.”

JoJo, Editor at FashionCapital: “I’ve worked with Fashion-Enter from the very beginning and from the start CEO Jenny Holloway was adamant that at least once a year staff go out as a group and socialise away from the work environment. Workloads and deadlines can be stressful at times so it is good to mix in an informal way and it makes each member of staff feel appreciated and valued.”

Niki, Senior Pattern Cutter: “When I was interviewed by Fashion-Enter I knew I would fit in and be myself here. I was right. What other company pays for their staff to go to Blackpool for a weekend, or Regents Zoo for a day trip.  Now on Friday we are off to Wales for a weekend of fun. Can’t believe that we have a band playing and the lead singer is ASOS Sourcing Director Simon Platts!”

The International Week of Happiness at Work (20th – 26th September 2021).

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