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Fashion – Enter Talks UK Made Sustainable Garments on the BBC News


The Fashion-Enter factory has once again appeared on the BBC News this time in a feature addressing environmental sustainability. ‘Will fashion be better for the planet after coronavirus?’ asks BBC Political Correspondent Helen Catt.

The feature discusses how coronavirus halted supply chains and majorly disrupted sales resulting in piles of unsold stock. Consumers meanwhile are visibly changing their habits by shopping less and asking more questions concerning where the garment is made and what it’s made from.

A report by MPs highlights research done with leading fashion brands to suggest steps the government, the industry and consumers can take to create a more sustainable fashion sector after the pandemic. Bringing the supply chain closer to home was discussed and the BBC film crew visited the Factory and talked to Production Director Caroline Ash about making in smaller quantities and reducing waste.

To watch the 3 minute and 23 second news feature tap here.

Published on BBC News UK Politics 15th September 2020

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