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Delayed Production Behind the Demise of Carven


French fashion brand Carven (image from the SS18 collection right) has officially been placed into receivership (23rd May) and is looking for a buyer according to a spokesperson for the brand. Carven and its parent company Societe Beranger have filed a voluntary petition with the Paris Commercial Court.

The brand has suffered a downward turn since the departure of its former Creative Director, Guillaume Henry in 2014. Henry was responsible for modernising the long established fashion house into a contemporary and desirable brand. A steady deterioration ensued as the brand put a halt to its menswear line and closed its New York store.

The final and most recent nail in the coffin came courtesy of serious delays in production with the brands’ SS18 collection leading to several cancellations.

Jenny Holloway CEO of FashionCapital and the FTA comments: “The apparent suggestion that one of the reasons why Carven have filed a voluntary petition with the Paris Commercial Court for the French equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, was due to late deliveries for the SS18 collection! Why and how can this happen? The French apparel manufacturing market has some excellent CMT factories – why did they not manufacturer locally – think of the money and time they would have saved? So yet again designers we are here again. If you know how to make your own patterns, know how to construct your own garments then you are ahead of the game! Want to learn those skills? Then come to our FTA and learn the right way.” 

 The news that Carven has been placed into receivership just goes to show that a brand loaded in experience and heritage is not exempt from getting it wrong. Efficient production that is close to home and easy to monitor could well have avoided this very costly and regrettable situation.

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